CLEOFAS1RETAKE.jpg (78594 bytes)

Cleofas Casillas Loft

CLEOFAS3.jpg (59589 bytes)

Cleofas waiting on team from fourth floor observation room.

CLEOFAS4.jpg (100068 bytes)

Race team arriving from a training toss using his famous 11 year old dropper.

CLEOFAS5.jpg (131298 bytes)

Cleofas demonstrating his control over his pigeons.

CLEOFAS6.jpg (130745 bytes)

Versatile landing board is made of concrete.

CLEOFAS7.jpg (116889 bytes)

A settling cage can be used on this landing board.

CLEOFAS8.jpg (145097 bytes)

Pigeons in settling cage.

CELOFAS9.jpg (118433 bytes)

Cleofas demonstrating the Avery versatility.

CLEOFAS10.jpg (153306 bytes)

The lower level breeding loft.

CLEOFAS13.jpg (134693 bytes)

Cleofas Casillas receiving his National Racing Award at the Mexican National Convention from President Miguel Azcona.

CLEOFAS14.jpg (124648 bytes)

Vacationing in Mazatlan the Casillas and Rodriguez families after a hard race season relax.

Chojas and son.jpg (42742 bytes)

Cleofas Casillas and son with International Champion Winner

Casillas International Winner